One of the disadvantages some people are experiencing when having to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic is that their glasses fog up. In addition to being annoying, it leads the wearer to touch their face more often to take them off and wipe them.

Here are some tips to prevent your glasses from fogging while wearing a face mask.

  1. Mould your mask to contour your nose bridge securely. Some medical masks have a bendable metal strip that blocks the warm exhaled air from your mouth. You can add pipe cleaners to the top of a homemade cloth mask to get the same effect.
  2. Tighten the fit of your mask by adjusting the ties or the ear loops so your mask fits tightly. Most of your breath should be going through the mask and not around the mask. If the air is going out from the top, you don’t have your mask on correctly.
  3. Tape the top of your mask with surgical tape or an adhesive bandage. This seals the top of your mask around the bridge of your nose.
  4. Pull up your mask over your nose bridge as high as you can, making sure it’s still under your chin, and let your glasses rest on top of the mask.
  5. Put a tissue inside your mask. Place a folded tissue over the bridge of your nose inside your mask to absorb the moisture from your breath instead of hitting your glasses lenses.
  6. Wash your glasses with soap water. Then, let your glasses air dry before putting them back on. The soap water leaves a thin surfactant film causing the water molecules to spread evenly into a transparent layer thus de-fogging your glasses.
  7. Use anti-fog wipes.